Maintenance Programs

Mother nature can be your friend...or you worst nightmare... Work with her, not against her!

I have found one thing that year after year still holds true... I would say if you are having a problem with a plant, 85% of the time, it's not the plant’s fault, it's the Location, Location, Location! 10% is the conditioning of the soil, or lack there of. 5% is watching your zone (Refer to rule #1).

Plants talk, learn the language: Full sun plants, need sun! Sounds so very simple. When planting a plant in the shade, make sure it can tolerate shade.

Placing a full sun plant in the shade, you may not see problems, the first year. Then the plant will talk...No leaves on the bottom, no fullness, no blooms. Location!

Come to realize north and east side landscaping is very limited, not many options. Yes it's frustrating, but you can't change Mother Nature.

Remember, I will not tell you what you want to hear. I will tell you what you need to know.

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