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Liz carves wonderful pieces of art onto pumpkins and watermelons.   She even works on more permanent mediums such as "funkins" which are the everlasting pumpkins that are light weight and will last for years to come.   Able to do many custom designs from photographs, she also has created some personal ones too (shown here only as examples of her talent but not for sale).  So what is your fancy?   Take a look around!

Keep in mind, the majority of these were all carved with caveman tools (all manual - no electronics).

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2010 Awards
Awards - 2010

Liz's Veggie & Fruit edible arrangement
Liz's Veggie & Fruit edible arrangement
Here is the list of flowers and such: Potato, Radish, Leeks, Turnip, Carrots, Red Peppers, Baby Corn, Cantaloupe, Watermelon, Blue Berries and Kale.

Looney Custom Carved Pumpkins & Magic Melons

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